When women grow and thrive, so do the people, communities and organisations around them.

Kate Happle runs an International Boutique Coaching Practice based in the South of England. She works globally with individuals who are treading water and are ready to embrace more in their life, career, relationships, businesses; to have more balance, more energy, more quality in their life and a little bit of magic.

Kate Happle
Founder & Lead Coach

Get to know Me...

  • I am married to Andrew, my second husband, and we live between Reading and the Cotswolds with our 2 children, my step daughter (14) and son (11).

  • We have two beloved dogs. Orlagh, our feisty Jack Russel cross, who has a huge personality and a lot of love for such a small dog. We adopted Bruno, an English Springer Spaniel in November 2018 and his big, soft, lovable and laid back personality perfectly compliments the family.

  • My personality is quite introverted, however I am often thought of as extroverted due to my natural and confident appearance around people. However, such interactions, whilst appearing to come effortlessly tend to take a lot out of me, I always need a rest day after any socialising. I am also quite an anxious personality type and as a result have suffered with PND (expressed mostly as anxiety), PTSD and GAD. My anxiety has been in check for several years now, which took a lot of personal work which I continue to this day to keep my mind in a good place.

  • In 2015 I suffered from a 'neurological event' that took out my nervous system and left me unable to walk or coordinate my arms and hands to perform basic tasks. I also suffered a lot of pain, unpleasant sensations and fatigue. The recovery took a year in total and left me with some chronic health complaints, which after years of work are now completely under control. It was this health episode that re-ignited a fascination with the brain, the mind and the body; it also lead to me reviewing my life, my lifestyle and take some more dramatic changes in my life and work.

  • I trained as a wellness coach in 2017. I have since worked in business, developmental and life coaching. I am currently studying for an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology which I love!

  •  My self care routine involves - exercise, yoga and meditation, gratitude, long hot candle lit baths, walks in nature and mindful moments, for example a cup of tea in my garden noticing the sights, sounds and tastes around me.

  • I love writing, drawing, graphic design, binging Netflix, reading non-fiction books, playing board games with my family and sitting in the garden with a glass of wine on a warm evening, or in front of the fire on a cold one.

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