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Kate lives in the south of England with her husband, son, step daughter and 2 dogs. Her early business leadership career was varied across retail management, change management as well as creating and growing a profitable £1.2mil business (for her employer). However, the thing that connected her varied roles was her ability to combine commercial acumen and problem solving, with creativity and heart. Kate always putting a huge amount of attention into leading and developing her team as well as developing relationships that supported her success. For Kate it was always unlocking the magic in other people that lead to her enjoyment and success in her career.


Following a viral illness in 2015, that left her wheelchair bound and off work for most of the year, Kate, like so many in this situation took the opportunity to reflect on her life. She had felt like something was missing for a long time leading up to this point, and in the height of her health crisis it started to become clear to her that there was more to life than the way she was living it. 

In 2017 Kate trained as a coach and in 2018 started coaching clients on branding and business, as well as leadership coaching. Kate is has also received additional post graduate training in positive psychology and coaching psychology and is currently completing yoga teaching training. From the early stages of her business, Kate’s biggest learning was around staying authentic to herself and staying true to her soul path, despite the distractions, shiny objects, and less authentic marketing techniques that constantly bombarded her.


Kate is a deeply caring and fun person, with a unique ability to really see people and intuitively know what they are capable of. Her colleagues and clients have always praised her for her ability to create such a calming and happy presence, as well as filling them with confidence about what they can create in the world.


Kate’s work is driven by the premise, that:


When women lean into their passions and thrive, so do the people, organisations and communities that surround them.


Kate’s mission is to get women listening to the whispers of their soul, leaning into their passions and staying connected to their soul path, creating brands with soul and marketing with heart, that feels authentic to them as well as being truly successful and making impact in the world.

There’s a new type of business.

A business with heart.

A business with soul.

A business built from the feminine. 

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