Is January shaping up as you hoped?

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2019

January gets a lot of bad press doesn’t it? In the UK it’s a long and cold month, and with many of us broke from Christmas, battling with New Year healthy eating kicks and dry January efforts, it can easily feel like the fun has been sucked away from the start of the year.


It’s amazing how the good intentions and excitement of opportunity that we had coming into the new year, can quickly dissolve, as we find ourselves hit by a cold (or worse), drained of energy, procrastinating all of our best intentioned plans and overwhelmed by how much we wanted to achieve.


Oh January why do you make it so hard? Or perhaps we make it hard on ourselves?


It’s a funny choice when you think about it isn’t it?!To choose a month that it is already difficult and then pile new resolutions, new intentions, habit changes and new projects on the top. In the cycle of the seasons, it’s spring that brings the energy of new beginnings, perhaps this would be a better time to plan our new beginnings as well?


I’m personally looking forward to those first signs of spring that will soon start to appear (have you seen any yet?). The first glance of the energy stored up by winter, preparing itself for rebirth, preparing for that fresh new start. The first signs perhaps that I may be fully rested and restored, and ready myself to bring a new energy and to start my own new projects in my business and my life.


Until that time arrives I’ve been taking actions to get myself unstuck from this stagnant January energy (largely caused by a potent combination of viruses and overwhelm). Unstuck from the stickiness of January, binding my feet, holding me back, stopping me preparing for the time that my spring energy is ready to, well, spring!


Perhaps we’ve judged January a little harshly. Perhaps it is us that puts unreasonable expectations on January, rather than it on us. After all, winter is a time for rest and reenergising, hot mugs of tea and warm cosy blankets by the fire. But it can also be the perfect time to get clarity around your ideas so that you can hit the ground running when that new spring energy starts to surface.


How is your January shaping up? Are you in a good flow of new year energy? Or are you looking to spring to give you a new beginning?


To capture the seasonal mood I’m currently offering a special January offer on a one-off 90 minute clarity session. To get you unstuck on any area of your business where you feel held back, confused, overwhelmed or, well, just stuck! With 90 minutes of space and reflection we’ll get you clear as to how you need forward, and refuel your energy and motivation as you spring into February purposefully and ready.


If you would like to talk to me about one of these sessions, you can chat to me here…


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