Morning Bliss(ish) [Mum Starts A Business]

mum starts a business Dec 10, 2018

Today saw the reintroduction of my ‘morning routine’. I know - fancy - although may I break that facade a little by admitting to you that I didn’t start it until the family left for school and work, and allowing for dogs and other various distractions didn’t finish it until nearly 10am! I am aware that people much more fabulous, disciplined and well rested than me get up very early in the morning to begin such pursuits, however whilst this remains on my permanent list of life ambitions, the truth behind the matter is, frankly, I can’t be arsed!


Following my ‘fancy’ routine I listened to old Christmas songs whilst making soup and cried.


Throughout the rest of the day I worked hard at keeping up the high abundant vibes of my morning reflections, despite being endless tried by HMRC, the local council school application process, the DVLA and just about any other government run body or department who decided they needed urgent action from me today. Pointless urgent action is bad enough but why must they insist on said action being taken on websites that appeared to have been built in the twentieth century!


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