Are you going around in circles in your business?

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019

I know the feeling! It’s so easy to get stuck and then when you think you’ve found a solution quickly find yourself back to where you started. It’s like a comedy farce, but not so funny.


Yet in truth there are many solutions to every problem and you already know the answers, you just may not see them yet. In fact in truth sometimes we’re subconsciously avoiding what we know is the right answer, deliberately passing over our peripheral vision, hoping we don’t have to face up to the answer that’s lurking there!


I don’t know about you, but when I get stuck, I can sometimes start to resemble a bull in a china shop. How many times have you overhauled a whole area of your business? Started from scratch? Or thrown the whole thing out in despair? Only to find yourself exhausted, despondent and motivated to do nothing, because you feel like you’re working so hard but not moving forward.


The truth though is that sometimes a more elegant approach can work wonders in your business. Less is more. Through space, reflection and conscious questioning, you can start to see the subtle choices that can facilitate the biggest shifts.


No matter how tricky things feel, you don't have to change everything overnight to achieve powerful results. Tweaking the right things in the right way is what's important to create a sustainable and holistic way forwards.


If you currently feel stuck in your business try this exercise and see if you can spot a more elegant solution:


Take a quick audit of everything you have spent your time doing in the last week. It doesn’t need to be perfect or detailed, just make a note.


Then take a moment to reflect on the following questions and see what comes up for you:

  • Have you spent a substantial amount of time tackling the biggest challenges you are facing in your business right now ?(e.g. if you don’t have enough customers have you spent a substantial amount of time getting your message out to potential customers?)
  • Is it obvious that you have been avoiding important areas of work?
  • Have you spent time doing work that is tangental? Serves no purpose? Or that is an ‘occupational hobby’ rather than something your business truly needs?
  • Have you sought any solutions to your stuck situation? And if you have (for example read a book) have you spent any time implementing the lessons you learned?


Reflection can be a very powerful tool for coaching and will help you to quickly see patterns, habits and issues occurring. Just remember to treat yourself elegantly as well as the process and be kind to yourself, whatever comes up.




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