Phoenix From the Flames - How the toughest times in your business can shape a stronger future

balance strategy Dec 06, 2018

November was a tough month for my business. Like a rich Autumn harvest, October saw me reap the rewards of a long hot summer of toil. However, come November it felt like the harvest had all but been gathered, and the long cold harsh reality of winter was knocking at the door.


Anyone starting a business will know, that cashflow and inconsistent income can be one of the hardest challenges you face in this phase. Boom and bust patterns of sales and income do little to calm the nerves, build the confidence, and at times pay the bills! But despite the uncertainty of it all, like most desperately uncomfortable situations, great things can come if we can stay the course.


The toughest times can provide some of the greatest opportunities for deep reflection and  focus. A rare moment of quiet (albeit an uneasy one) to really dig deep within ourselves and our own inner knowledge, and  to spot areas of disconnection, or where we’re out of alignment, as well as highlighting opportunities, ideas and sparks of inspiration.


This period in November provided a great deal of discomfort, stress and feeling of vulnerability and shame. It also lead to more clarity over the future of my business than I’ve ever had before. It forced me to go deeper as I sat mindfully in the discomfort, and what came out of the other side was clarity, vision, and motivation that was going to take my business to a new level, and make me play bigger in every way imaginable.


When we plod along, we do the same things and we get the same results. And whilst there is comfort in this, particularly if that plodding is leading to an income we can live off, it can remove the need and desire to improve, grow and thrive. By getting stuck in ‘working in our business’, and putting all of our effort into keeping the cogs turning, we actually miss the opportunity that discomfort and failure can actually provide.


November forced me to take an uncomfortable look under the hood of my business, at things that I had been avoiding. And my business is set to be all the better for it. I have a clarity and vision around what it should be and how it should work, that will take me far beyond where I was headed before. I have re-examined my brand and am ready to push it further than ever, beyond what people expect, or what I feel it should be, but to what it actually needs to be and is capable of being. Most importantly I have a whole new perspective on balance, and feel empowered to run the business the way I want and need to run it, not the way anyone else thinks I should.


I have stared vulnerability in the face and I have come out stronger, with a bigger heart, and ready to serve in a more powerful way.


Like a phoenix from he flames, I enter December more ready than ever before. So thank you November, thank you discomfort, thank you cold harsh reality. It turns out you were just what I needed.


How are you managing touch times in your business? Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to take a step back and ask yourself what isn’t working for you? Was feels out of alignment? What do you know you could do better? What do you simply want to change, just because. Explore and go deeper with whatever comes up for you. I promise you won’t regret it!


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