Reconnecting With Winter - How Winter Provides the Perfect Opportunity to Reconnect with Our Business

balance empowerment Dec 13, 2018

The winter is upon us today. A thick cold white fog cocoons the apartment like a duvet, almost like an announcement ‘it’s time to give in to the urge, nestle down boys and girls, I’ve arrived!’


There’s work to be done. And plenty of it. Pressure to earn, pressure to grow. But the weight has been lifted somewhat by the warm feelings of protection and warmth, that sometimes only the true arrival of winter can provide.


It’s time to work in a different way now. It’s time to hunker down. It’s time for connection. The busy light hearted work of the summer is a memory, now is the time to dig deeper. To connect with the heart of ourself, to connect with the soul of our work and to deeply connect with the souls of those around us.


Now is the time to connect with the message

Now is the time to connect with the meaning

Now is the time to connect to the soul

Now is the time to connect to the heart

Ours and the hearts of those around us.


I have feared winter too long. I’m so comfortable in the light energy of spring and the high vibes of summer.


This year the winter is my friend. We will go deeper together. Winter will show me the path and reconnect me with my business and myself. All I need to do is allow it.


So I’ve armoured up with a jumper that would make a Danish TV detective proud and a large mug of hot steaming tea, winter I’ve heard your cry, let’s do this…



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