What’s the Shame of the Game? [Mum Starts A Business]

mum starts a business Dec 03, 2018

There’s a deep shame attached to not being able to get your shit together when starting a business. Particularly when your job is to support others in getting their shit together to start theirs. (I can only thank the Lord that I appear to be much better at doing it for clients than myself.)


Starting a business is tough for anyone. And not always in the ways that might appear obvious before you start. For example, you anticipate cash flow may be an issue, that financially it may be tough going for a while, that you may have to tighten the proverbial belts, possibly even accept a little more debt than before. How jolly it all sounds, almost exciting, almost a hark back to the keep calm and carry on days of the war! Hell we’ve become too materialistic any way! Fetch the rationing cards kids, we’re going on a family adventure...


What you don’t expect is screaming at your husband in front of your first born (causing him both a tummy ache and to question the sanity of his mother) approximately 3 minutes before they’re due to leave the house for school and work. It’s really just the other side of the same coin. The old ‘cash flow issue’. Although what you perhaps failed to anticipate was your own inability to deal with this issue. To elegantly and professionally self manage the pressure of said ‘cashflow issues’ when the responsibility for both causing and resolving them rests entirely on your own shoulders. 


And cash flow issues are just the tip of the iceberg! Other unexpected elements of starting my own business, that have nearly broken me in the last 72 hours, include:


  • the crushing failure of launching something you created into the world and nobody buying it
  • The winding shame of feeling you’ve wasted time doing something that hasn’t made money, when you could have done something else, anything else (including binge watching Netflix)
  • The agonising self pity when you realise becoming a professional Netflix binge watcher would leave your family quite considerably financially better off, as your business costs would dramatically reduce to one monthly £12 Netflix subscription;
  • The stark and devastating realisation of the fact that you are no longer only screwing up your own life pursuing this half baked fantasy of entrepreneurship, but the lives of those around you as well, although that does appear to be one of the things I’m doing rather better at, so every cloud...


The good news is it’s only Monday! So loads more room left in the week to free fall into utter chaos and disaster, and grab a few more beloved souls on the way to drag down with me!


Whose idea was only drinking at the weekend anyway?


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