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Are you desperately searching for your purpose? Maybe you’ve heard about this purpose malarkey but don’t have a clue what it means for you so you haven’ even bothered trying? Or maybe you just feel like with a full time job, kids, partner dog or 14 cats (whatever!) who has the time?


I call Bullsh*t!


The idea of ‘finding your purpose’ conjures up several images, none of which I’m particularly fond of.


Firstly the idea that you only have one purpose, that there's only one right 'thing' for you if your life is to have any meaning... Bullsh*t!


Secondly, is the idea that you might never find it, or could pick the wrong thing, and again oops, suddenly your only option is a life that lacks purpose, meaning and authenticity... Bullsh*t.


Finally, this idea that you need to go searching. That somehow you’ve got to work hard to ‘find’ it. Pushing the notion of you having a joy filled life of purpose and meaning further and further into the future, and further and further away from the life you have now... Bullsh*t.


The fact is, that all of those things are available to you now. And if you think I’ talking bullsh*t, then maybe you’ve invested too much into the idea of finding your purpose.


I’ve lived my life that way, aiming for my one true purpose, desperately questioning whether I’d found it. Chickening out and changing direction for fear I’d plunged for the wrong thing. Paralysed by the idea I might miss my one opportunity to find it. Only to become more and more unhappy and further than I was before I started, from my purpose filled life!


The truth is living in purpose is not about finding one true calling. It’s about showing up with intention towards something you love regularly enough that it brings you joy. And here’s the great part, that doesn’t just have to be one thing. Living in purpose is about finding what you need at that time, in sync with the beautiful and constantly evolving ecosystem that is you and your life.


So if you’re searching to find your purpose, this is a simple plea to beg you to stop. I want you to start living a purpose filled life right now.


If you want to learn more about how, then I’d love you to book onto my free training below, where I’ll be showing you exactly how to do just that. If you’re too busy, right now that’s fine too. Put please just do me one favour, find out what you need more of in your life right now, and then find the simplest way to get it, even just a little tiny bit. That’s a sure fire step in the right direction to living a life of purpose.


Speak soon,




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