Life Audit

Start with my £99 Life Audit. Rather than a 1 hour sales pitch, this pre-questionnaire and 1hr 1-1 give you the opportunity to experience how I work and to get huge value, as we assess where you are and the opportunities to make small changes with big impact.

This packages consists of a pre-questionnaire and 1 hour 1-1 to get you really clear on where you are and where you need and want to make changes.

Life Audit: £99

12 Week Package

For some people the Life Audit is enough to start the wheels in motion for big transformation in the areas they need it most. For those who do wish to continue our work together, they will move onto my 12 week programme. In the programme we work together on the key areas of Energy, Quality, Magic, Space for Self, Support by Design, Boundaries and the Authentic You.

Package Price: £1200

(or 3x£400)

Contact Me

I’ve been in your shoes. In a leadership role, out of balance, lacking quality in all areas of my life and certainly lacking that little bit of magic to keep my inner flame burning brightly. 

I waited until my health failed me and turned my life upside down to make the changes I desperately needed. But you don’t have to wait that long.

Contact me to talk about my work, ask a question or to discuss a bespoke package.



What is a Salon?

The term Salon dates from 16th Century Europe and was traditionally a space for like minded individuals, often creatives, to come together, inspire and learn from one another.

A Group Experience

Working as a group creates new opportunities for insight (as you witness the learning of those around you), community, and life long connection and support.

This 12 week masterclass programme offers group coaching, training and life long community access for £749

Who is it for?

Salon is designed for professional women in leadership roles, looking for the support to succeed, whether you're looking for support in leadership skills, boundaries, work-life balance or confidence.



Coaching Support

I specialise in supporting women in leadership roles to balance the demands of life and work, as well as promotion of leadership and management skills to support them to thrive in their role.

Bespoke Packages: POA

Organisation Support

More and more organisations and businesses are seeing the benefits of increasing the wellbeing support for their staff. From wellbeing days, to long-term initiatives to support staff and improve balance. For support with using positive psychology to improve staff wellbeing and leadership in the workplace please contact me to discuss.


Bespoke workshops created for leadership teams to support work life balance, or leadership skills designed to increase, confidence, time management, assertiveness, boundaries and results from your team.

Bespoke Workshops: POA

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